Colin Stetson, who has toured with Bon Iver, and Justin Vernon himself have released this eerie cover of a song off of the new album from the British artist Fink. The cover features Stetson on the saxophone, who expertly renders progressions of what was repetitive and continuous guitar chords on the original. Stetson is known, and perhaps famous in the music scene, for mastering the art of “circular breathing,” a technique which allows him to play a woodwind instrument (such as the saxophone) without taking a breath. 

The Stetson/Vernon cover is much darker and shorter and features Vernon’s distinct vocals, but it is worth listening too even if just for the famous “drone” of the saxophone, which is recognizable from Bon Iver’s most recent album. The original is more playful and much easier to listen to - I am surprised Fink isn’t more popular in the United States at this point. Check him out on Spotify, or listen to the original version of Warm Shadow on youtube here


holy crap it’s bon iver but dark


I feel so guilty about my saxophone being under the bed since December..

(Source: Spotify)


colin stetson makes music like no one else… here he plays “The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man”

he reminds me of Coltrane channeling Godspeed You! Black Emperor